Japanese Online Marketing Services

We help International Businesses with their Japanese & English Digital Marketing Needs

Services We Offer

Content Localization

Localize your original content with translation


Create online campaign copies in Japanese

Keyword Research

Discover and list up keywords for your niche

Website Audit

Audit your website for better online presence in Japan

Paid Media Campaign Audit

Audit your PPC and Social Media campaigns

PPC Campaign Management

Operate your PPC campaign in Japanese / English


Full Japanese/English bilingual SEO Package

Social Media

Social Media Campaign Management in Japanese

About Knowledge Holdings

Knowledge Holding is an online marketing media to cover the basics and practical knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-per-click) ads, and social media marketing for Japan market.

Writers are online marketers with experience in consulting multinational companies. We also introduce useful web services, books, tools as well as the online marketing consulting services we offer.

Knowledge Holding aims to provide useful and actionable content to company owners, web managers and individual business owners about the best online marketing strategies and knowledge.

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