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Monthly SEO service is continuous engagement and guidance to improve your website for sustainable search engine ranking.  We will go through these processes month over month to aim to rank your keywords.


1. Audit your website
2. Research your niche and keywords
3. Plan the action
4. Prepare to collect analytics data
5. Build Foundation by fixing errors
6. Build content and links
7. Optimize based on the collected data
8. Grow traffic volume

​Our SEO Process

1. Audit

First, define your digital marketing goals and understand who is your content is for. Then, review your current website to understand the gap between where your website is currently at vs where you would like to be. The technical issues on the website should be reviewed during this phase.

2. Research

Research online find out what your Japanese audiences in your niche talk about. Identify who your competitors are in order to study about their online strategy. Once you have a good idea, then perform research about the keyword phrases that your customers use. Finding keywords that have contents similar to what your website offers. This process will help create topics that resonate with your audiences.  

3. Plan

Make a hypothesis of how your audience finds you online to how they become a customer. This is called Customer Flow. Website structure, URL structure, the type of contents and keywords should be planned strategically based on customer flow. Don’t worry about making mistakes here. Your website will be continuously optimized based on the data and feedback from users. Tasks should be prioritized during this phase.

4. Prepare

Proper data collection is a critical part of search engine optimization. Without accurate data, there will be no information to make a decision on. Verify the installation of Google Analytics and Google Search Console to capture the necessary information. Goals and micro goals on Google analytics should be properly created to capture more reliable data. Installing other measurement software should be executed here.

5. Build Foundation

Fix all the technical errors on the website. Website and URL structure should be fixed based on your digital marketing goal and plan. Before building your fortress of a website, make sure that the ground is properly developed. Proper implementation of this process will save your future effort and time.  

6. Build

Create necessary contents for your website’s success. It should be created based on the keyword phrases that your potential customers use. It also should match with the intent of these search keyword phrases. Create contents that your customers would like to share with other people. Bottom line, keep in mind to create useful topics for your Japanese audiences.  

7. Optimize

Review the data collected by Google Analytics and Search Console to evaluate how well your audience liked your contents. Make adjustments or create new topics and information to attract more traffic. Creating content that your audience would like is a huge part of Search Engine Optimization.  

8. Grow

Once you have the content that your Japanese audiences like, start promoting to other relevant website owners. This way, they will talk about your website on their website with a clickable link. The action to called link building. Acquiring links from other relevant websites is important part of SEO. Continue to identify and create content to attract links from other websites.

Why SEO Helps Your Japanese Business

Website Traffic is the crucial part of a website’s success and is the basis of online marketing. Even if you have amazing contents, no one will ever see it without traffic. Without traffic, your website becomes pointless.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique to improve how well a website ranks on a search engine. Once your website ranking increases, there is a higher chance of acquiring the volume of quality traffic to your website organically.

Organic Traffic is a huge part of the website’s success. There is a strategy to acquire website traffic by pay-per-click advertisement. However, once you stop the campaign, so does the traffic to your website. SEO is a critical strategy for the sustainability of your success.

Japanese Search Engine Facts


Of the Japanese population uses the internet


Of Japanese people search online before making a purchase


Of the population are Google users. And, more than 50% of Yahoo Japan Users

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Full Website Audit
Full Keyword Research
Full Niche Research


Google Analytics Setup and Audit
Google Search Console Setup ad Audit
Bilingual Social Media Account Setup and Review
Bilingual Citation Setup and Review
On-page optimization
Off-page optimization
Image Optimization
Link Building 

On-Going Review

Page Index
Duplicated Content
Page Speed
Broken Links


Actionable Website Audit Report
Keyword Research Report
Strategy Report
Weekly Ranking Progress Update
Monthly Progress Report
Monthly On-Demand Strategy Call

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